Grand Theft Auto Vice City - Cheat Codes (PC). This list compiled by Christian Jahnsen, September Cheat Code. Effect. Player cheats. THUGSTOOLS. full list of cheat codes work with gta vice city,Grand Theft Auto pc games. Download for free and enjoy. cheat and code work on vice city of gta. GTA3: VC. - GTA3. - Modding & Editing. GTA Vice City PC Cheats. This Page has been viewed 61, times. Grand Theft Auto Vice City - PC Cheats. To make these codes work in game type the code in block capitals whilst . Here's a list.

Gta Vice City Codes List Pdf

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4 days ago Like all other Grand Theft Auto games, GTA Vice City includes optional cheat codes with which players can either make the game easier or. Cheat Codes of Gta Vice city by Indrajeet - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd 5/14/ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Cheats and Codes for PC GTA Unlockables GameFAQs . Deluxo Complete the first list of cars at the car showroom and it will spawn on the first.

You will run at the same speed as if you were holding the button, but you can do it for a much longer period of time. Drive up next to a hooker and wait.

How to have sex with a women on grand theft auto vice city?

If you're driving a swank enough car, she'll start talking to you. Eventually, she'll get into the car. At this point, drive to a quiet spot and let the magic happen. The car will start rocking, and your "health" will grow from to Your pocketbook will take a hit though. This health-up only works until the next time you die. Super Speed in Tank[ edit ] Turn the tank's turrent around so that it faces backwards, and repeatedly fire rounds to send the tank speeding. The news building is by the northern bridge entrance on the west island.

You can enter the door of the news building and head up to the roof. Along with the news chopper, there's an easter egg you can get to. There's another buiding close by, but on an angle with the window closest to the edge of the heliport. Make a sprinting jump through the window and you should see an empty room with an easter egg in the middle.

Bullet Proof Cars[ edit ] Admiral. Also fire-proof, explosion-proof, and collision-proof. The Admiral is the white car Diaz drives in the cut-scene. Deliberately fail the mission by killing Diaz, Lance, or letting the Haitian biker escape with Diaz's money. Once the mission fails, the Admiral's doors will be unlocked and you can drive it back to the garage of your choice.

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Naturally, you will need to download property that has a garage first. Sabre Turbo. Pick up a sniper rifle or assault rifle that allows Tommy to shoot through a first person view.

During the mission "The Driver" this mission is available only after certain conditions are met, primarily downloading the Malibu Club remain at the Malibu Club and wait for the Sabre Turbo come for the race.

When it does, shoot the driver in the head and sieze it quickly before the cops come. The Sabre Turbo is faster than the Admiral, but is not collision proof. Easier Flight From Justice Cortez [ edit ] Once you reach the final mission for Cortez, it's a long mission of shooting boats and people, just do this: get 2 cars and park them in the pier next to the one to enter Cortez's missions, and put them in a way so that its practically impossible to get across through the pier it's easier than it sounds , and go do the mission.

When you start the mission a cutscene will come that shows a bunch of people trying to come through the pier you blocked, but they can't. They really would have if not done. Then you can relax on your boatride with Colonel Cortez.

There may me a few people at the end but it makes life a whole lot easier since you saved yourself a lot of trouble of killing about fifty to seventy people. Scarface Easter Egg[ edit ] There's a Scarface easter egg in the form of a bloody bathroom and a chainsaw weapon. Go to the Pay N' Spray at Ocean beach, then go south and take the first left. On your left, you'll see a two story apartment with two sets of stairs on the second floor.

Head up the stairs to the right and you'll see a black doorway. Check out the bathroom in apartment 3c and compare it to the movie.

All GTA Vice City cheats

After you fail it, a Sabre Turbo will be parked by the Malibu. Walk up to a car with a person in it and steal it. During the animation in which tommy pulls the person out and gets in, enter the blow up all cars cheat. The car will explode and you will be unhurt, and the car will be flaming enter the health cheat to stop the car from burning, I enter it twice to assure it works and you are now driving around in a 3 wheeled burnt car.

Grand Theft Auto : Vice City Stories - Codes GTA : Vice City Stories

When the race begins drive your Hotring into the black garage that the cars spawn from. Drive the car to the back of the garage on the right side right against the wall.

This will stop any cars spawning throughout the race. Now back onto the track and take out your Mini Gun. Face the oncoming traffic and use its auto aim feature to blow up every car that comes your way.

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When the cars stop coming. Go back into the garage, hop back into you car and finish the race, opponent free.

Start a mission on the mainland and kill yourself. When you wake up in hospital don't do anything, just start a new game. As soon as you gain control of tommy kill him. Whatever you do, do not start any missions.

When you get up at the hospital get straight in the taxi. It will take you to your mission location on the second island. Note: Once on the second island, you can not do any missions, nor can you get back onto the start area.

This is great for getting away from the police or gangs. There is a glitch that makes the cops unable to come up there. Rugers and M4s. First cause a fire, possibly by throwing molotov cocktails nearby. Next, run into the the fire so you are in flames. Now, press the lock on button and your Ruger will lock on to your enemies. Just get a Rhino, put in the ''Dodo Physics'' cheat, turn the turret degrees and keep on hitting circle and hold back on the D-pad.

Once you get airborne, fly down through the top the El Corrupto Bank.

Since its top isn't solid, you'll fly down through the bank and into the ''underworld''. Control its flight downward or you'll go down too far and end up back on the street. If you did this correctly, you can fly through underworld. If you did it right the car will float in the air with you standing on it allowing you to shoot people from it.

Note: If the tire is shot out or if the car explodes the car will fall from the sky.

Also some times you can't get back in the car.There is a glitch that makes the cops unable to come up there. Along with the news chopper, there's an easter egg you can get to.

Close to the Sabre Turbo there is a race, take part in it. When you start the mission a cutscene will come that shows a bunch of people trying to come through the pier you blocked, but they can't.

You can drive through this wall. Search inside document.